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There are many different stages to the content marketing funnel, with a variety of tools and services specializing in each one. But while focus and expertise are always valuable, it is the connection and synergy between the different stages that creates marketing magic.

Unfortunately, this crucial notion often gets lost along the way.

To better understand why an A to Z approach is so crucial, let’s take a closer look at how each of the major steps in content marketing relays on those that follow or precede it.

Step One: Write It Down

A common mistake is assuming that content creation is merely writing an article. When done correctly, it includes turning the brand’s content strategy into a well thought-out, well-written piece. This part of the process is all about choosing the right format, visuals, and tone based on predetermined goals, and in many cases, data.

The difficulty (and sometimes travesty) of attempting to separate the creation stage from the entire process, becomes clear with every poorly crafted article that finds its way online. When content professionals–including very talented ones–lack the strategic knowledge or data metrics to turn their words into results, they will most probably fail at capturing the right audience or generating leads. In addition, most of the following steps require revisiting the crafted content, meaning that the creation part is never fully over.

Step Two: Spread the Word

Content distribution includes contacting external publications and placing the brand’s content where it is most likely to be seen by potential customers. At this point in time, professionals must juggle the…