U.S. Digital Advertising Will Make $83 Billion This Year, Says EMarketer

U.S. Digital Advertising Will Make $83 Billion This Year, Says EMarketer

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Google and Facebook make up 57% of U.S. mobile spend.

The so-called duopoly between Facebook and Google to control the bulk of digital ad spend is far from over, according to eMarketer.

The firm’s newest forecast expects for digital ad spend in the U.S. to grow 15.9 percent this year—the equivalent of $83 billion in revenue. Within that growth, Facebook’s ad revenue is projected to jump 32.1 percent while advertisers’ spend with Google will increase 14.8 percent.

Overall, Google controls 40.7 percent of the U.S. digital ad market, followed by Facebook with 19.7 percent. Google’s control primarily comes from search, and eMarketer expects that it will claim $28.5 billion of spend this year, which is 77.8 percent of the total $36.69 billion market. By next year, Google’s search revenues are expected to bring in $32.40 billion of the $40.49 billion industry.

Those numbers are more staggering when zeroing in on the mobile ad market. Google will make up 32.4 percent of mobile spend this year while Facebook generates 24.6 percent of spend, meaning that the two companies collectively make up 57 percent of mobile ad spend.

Within display advertising in the U.S., Facebook makes up 39.1 percent of spend, equal to $16.3 billion, and up from $12.4 billion in 2016. Next year, the company will generate $20.2 billion from display advertising, primarily from mobile. And by 2019, Facebook’s display advertising…