Video Gets Interactive

Video Gets Interactive

Author: Ariella Brown / Source: DMN Given the dramatic increase of video content on social channels, marketers are working out strategies

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Video Gets Interactive

Given the dramatic increase of video content on social channels, marketers are working out strategies to capitalize on the medium. To stand out in such a sea of video content, they key is to not just attract viewers but to keep them engaged. The key ingredient for engagement is interaction, according to Wyzowl, a video explainer company that boast of having created videos for over a thousand companies.

Matt Byrom, Managing Director of Wyzowl, points out that though the technical possibility for interactive video has been around “for a long time,” the software for it has only “become more widely available for creators” recently. Consequently, “the interactive market is still young and developing.”

Essentially, the interactive functions “overlay elements” on top of the video. He explains: In simple terms interactive video is a normal streaming video, the video could be streamed from YouTube, Wistia or another video host. To make a video interactive it needs to pass through a middle piece of software that overlays clickable elements within the videos. What we do as an interactive video agency is come up with creative ways to use the clickable elements. At the moment we can make interactive videos that let people choose a direction for the video to go in, people can answer questions, buy products within videos and more.”

There’s quite a range of “creative possibilities that far extends the normal play, pause, fast forward and rewind” that Byrom finds “very exciting.” Marketers do seem to be excited by its effectiveness, too, based on Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2017 survey. Of the businesses surveyed, 24 percent reported that have used interactive video for marketing. “Out of those, 92%…