13 Easy Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

13 Easy Ways to Boost Social Media Engagement

Author: Rebekah Mori / Source: Business 2 Community Social media engagement is essential to meeting your online presence goals. Developin

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Social media engagement is essential to meeting your online presence goals. Developing an interactive online community spreads brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases your consumer following. Once you are clear on your social media goals, you can select tactics that drive interaction to your business. To get you started, here are 13 easy ways to boost engagement across your social media channels.

1. Share Quality Content

Users do not follower advertisers, they follow people. Think about meeting your customers in your off-hours to socialize. What would you talk about with them? A bit about your industry in general, a funny joke you love, questions about their opinions, right? That’s exactly how successful social media efforts work. Share content about your industry, the day-to-day operations, and events in the community you share with your customers.

2. Tailor Content to the Social Media

Every channel is different. A post perfect for LinkedIn may flunk on Facebook. Think about why people use each of these sites and tailor the content to best serve that audience.

3. Make Your Posts Actionable

Post questions. End your posts with a call to action. Ask for feedback. Actionable posts encourage deeper engagement with your social media channel and your business, so think through ways to create social media posts that encourage commenting, sharing, and reactions.

4. Time Your Posts

Different social media channels have different peak user times and days. Posting during this time increases the chances of being seen and engaged with by more people.

5. Use Hashtags

Hashtags help people discover your business. Users following a hashtag that you use…