Expert Tips From Social Media Marketing World on Video Marketing

Expert Tips From Social Media Marketing World on Video Marketing

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What happens when you gather 3,000 social media marketers for three days of sessions and networking?

You get a front-row seat to the latest tools, tips, and trends for social media marketing.

I recently attended Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego, and the topic that dominated the conference this year was video.

Here are the best video tips I learned from the top social media marketing influencers:

Move livestream viewers to your email list

Kim Garst, CEO and Co-Founder of Boom! Social, said that live video provides an opportunity to connect with your viewers, customers, and prospects in a real way.

Once you’ve established how to use livestreaming in your marketing, the next step is to drive them to your email list. The real relationship and business growth come from your email list.

You can drive viewers to your list by offering them something free like talking points from your live video, checklists, worksheets, or a discount for signing up.

Share your signup link in the description and comments of your livestream and call attention to it during your broadcast. Create an autoresponder email that sends new subscribers the free content when they opt in.

Try different tools

Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith said that we can’t do business as usual on Facebook. You need to create content that Facebook and your followers prefer. Right now that content is recorded and live video.

Mari shared a list of free or low-cost tools that small businesses can use to make their recorded and live videos look professional and stand out in the Facebook news feed:

  • Animoto – includes commercially licensed music, storyboards, voice-over features, text overlays, collages and layouts, and a square video for social networks like Instagram.
  • Adobe Spark – offers visual themes, text overlays, free music, and a mobile app to create videos on the go.
  • Animatron Wave – choose from 2.5 million royalty-free video clips, photos, and audio clips; add your logo or text overlays; and resize your video for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Be Live – add text in the lower third of the screen, show audience questions, and host a live interview with a remote guest through Facebook Live
  • Flipagram – create video and photo slideshows and add free popular music.
  • Flixel – add motion to photographs and create timelapse videos.
  • Lumyer – this app allows you to turn still images into animations by adding effects and animations
  • OBS Studio – free and open source software to stream from your laptop…