Harness the Power of Stardom with Instagram

Harness the Power of Stardom with Instagram

Author: Kim Walsh-Phillips / Source: Entrepreneur The following excerpt is from Kim Walsh Phillips’s book Ultimate Guide to Instagram for

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Harness the Power of Stardom with Instagram

The following excerpt is from Kim Walsh Phillips’s book Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound

Obtaining celebrity status on Instagram isn’t about an ego boost. Instead, it’s about premium positioning so you’re magnetic to your target market. Your perfect prospects will line up to see you, and they’ll pay you top dollar as the celebrity expert you are.

For example, you would expect to pay Jamie Oliver a lot more money to cook dinner for you in your kitchen than you would a random chef you found on Thumbtack. No matter what your niche, celebrity positioning is a powerful tool to grow your tribe quickly and convert them into top-paying customers for life.

Before you embark on a path to stardom, it’s important that you set yourself up for celebrity success. Your profile must be on-point with your brand before you begin promoting.

Getting ready for your close-up

If someone were to visit your social media pages and/or website without knowing you or speaking to you first, what would they think about you or your company? Would your brand messaging communicate what you want the visitor to know?

If you’re like most, you have some ways to go to tweak your brand message to be clear to your target market. It’s an issue for everybody, companies and individuals alike. But being embarrassed of what your brand looks like today isn’t reason to bury your head in the sand. You can develop celebrity positioning with just a few simple steps:

  • Get a professional (and recent) headshot.
  • Hire a pro to create your lead magnet cover and landing page featured in your bio.
  • Get and post photos of yourself when you’re at events, then leverage these photos as blog images and post backgrounds.
  • Primarily feature your content in your posts.

Now it’s time to share your message with the world by leveraging the power of your Instagram marketing and entire marketing funnel to establish your stardom. The five steps are rather simple.

1. Start small and then go smaller.

It’s easier to be well-known to everyone in a town of 5,000 than a city of 5 million, and you can’t be all things to all people. Pick a niche and then a niche within that niche. Focusing on a smaller target market will grow your celebrity quicker.

Pick your target market, and then zero in on a small portion of the group/industry/subculture that you’re focusing on, and stay focused on these individuals until you’ve achieved celebrity status. If you want to reach another subset of your audience, then once you’ve grown to celebrity status, you can move on to the next niche.

Identify at least one group, association or organization that serves your niche and make it your mission to dive deep and become a celebrity within it….