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Dynamic Yield, a company offering tools to help online businesses deliver personalized experiences, has raised $22 million in series C funding.

CEO Liad Agmon told me that he started Dynamic Yield (in 2011) because even existing personalization tools tended to be “point solutions for solving tactical problems.”

With Dynamic Yield, on the other hand, Agmon wanted to deliver a full, unified set of tools covering everything from A/B testing to messaging to personalized product recommendations, and to create “a 360-degree view of the customer” that pulls data from —and personalizes — mobile apps, mobile web, email and online advertising.

Personalizing seemingly small things can increase revenue, Agmon said. For example, he showed me an e-commerce website where simply swapping the header image based on a visitor’s gender improved sales — as he put it, “It’s like going on a first date. The first impression counts for a lot.”