Tech Game-Changers for the Insurance Industry

Tech Game-Changers for the Insurance Industry

Source: The Huffington Post Insurance has always been tricky to sell, even more so as people are savvy to the tricks of the trade and often follow c

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Insurance has always been tricky to sell, even more so as people are savvy to the tricks of the trade and often follow consumer advice, making their own comparisons and deciding without seller input at all. There are several technological developments which are enabling insurance companies to position themselves better and work more efficiently. Customer satisfaction is always an issue for the insurance sector and many customers look for speedier, more efficient solutions. Why aren’t you using technology to offer them?

Below is a deeper look into some of the trending technologies that insurance companies are interested in and integrating into their processes. Every technology is chosen for its suitability for the specific business and with the key question, will this improve sales? All business people should only be investing in tech if they can see a proven route to profit. The technologies discussed below offer many opportunities for improving consumer experiences and in turn, this should result in improved sales.

So, we know the hard sell isn’t going to work, which means there is a need for more sophisticated marketing methods. A fusion between marketing and IT has led to the growth of effective marketing technology, with many technologies combined to deliver the majority of successful marketing campaigns made by successful insurance companies today. To harness the true power of your marketing tools it is essential to be systematic and committed to measurement of as many metrics as possible. Knowing how and when things went right and went wrong has been made easy with the range of marketing tools available, but utilising them properly is also essential.

Effective marketing operations will streamline the process connecting the ideas and content with the supportive tools and applications. Practical application of the blockchain can also help in insurer’s marketing endeavours as its efficiency benefits also reduce costs and coordinate well with marketing automation technologies.

The Internet of Things sounds vague but it refers specifically to a system of interrelated devices, sensors, living things and other objects which can communicate with each…