What Movie Trailers Can Teach You About Video Marketing

What Movie Trailers Can Teach You About Video Marketing

. How do movie trailers do this? Do the same with your marketing videos, and do it fast. As such, they’ve been able to produce some pretty misleading trailers over the years. “You have to have a great way to end the piece,” says Long.

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In a WORLD … of video MARKETINGwith a budget BALANCED ON THE EDGE OF A KNIFE … a few marketers blow their lead goals out of the water. Why? Probably because they’ve learned to create buzz by watching movie trailers.

Movies are a $286 billion industry and much of their success hinges on the handful of 1 to 2- minute movie trailers that promote them. Wherever an industry pours millions into making brief video snapshots as entertaining and persuasive as possible, we’re interested, and we think you should be too.

1. Infuse your videos with emotion

No, your marketing videos don’t have to make your viewers bawl, but they do have to make them feel something. That something could be annoyance (at their current process), desire, mirth, or camaraderie—whatever drives your point home.

How do movie trailers do this? According to the master of Hollywood teasers, John Long, “A great trailer has its own mini-story.” Long was recently nominated for multiple Golden Trailer Awards (yeah, it’s a thing) and he told Fast Company that he recommends breaking down the whole movie into a trailer with a “three-act setup” where you introduce a problem, complicate it, and then bring it back home and hint at a grand finale. This works, he claims, because audiences have grown more sophisticated over the years and aren’t satisfied with long, linear shots of people just talking.

For your marketing videos, the same holds true. Figure out how to break down your brand narrative into a mini-story. Are you saving the world by saving customers’ time or money? Are you skyrocketing end-users to career-stardom because of how good they’ll look after buying from you? Fit it into the three-act setup and you have a solid, attention-holding plot.

2. Begin with a powerful hook

Good trailers don’t open with a whimper—they launch into a mystery. Often, directors use tense music,…