Gartner Report: NewsCred’s Enterprise Content Marketing

Gartner Report: NewsCred’s Enterprise Content Marketing

Author: Lisa Kalscheur / Source: Insights A few weeks ago, I received a courtesy copy of Gartner’s Market Guide for Content Marketing Plat

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A few weeks ago, I received a courtesy copy of Gartner’s Market Guide for Content Marketing Platforms. As NewsCred’s SVP of Marketing, I was proud to see that Gartner recognized NewsCred as a leader in the space.

NewsCred was named the most holistic solution, with functionality across all capabilities. Most importantly, our enterprise content marketing position was clear; of all the companies assessed, NewsCred has the largest enterprise client base. Gartner called out the complex and multi-faceted needs of larger brands, noting that NewsCred has an offering that is tailor-made for them.

At NewsCred, we couldn’t agree more with this need for a holistic program; it’s one of the reasons we recently announced the addition of our content marketing advisory services and are investing heavily in an analytics-driven product roadmap. Read more about that news here.

The report got me thinking about how the space has changed.

In its earliest stages, content marketing was all about experimentation and the learning curve was steep. The industry relied heavily on measuring performance through surface metrics like pageviews and uniques.

Thanks to today’s technology, it’s now possible to tie content marketing to measurable business results.

Now, brands can achieve enormous success with content marketing – but it requires investment in three key areas:

  • Developing a content marketing strategy with measurable goals and KPIs
  • Establishing a means to measure those goals and KPIs
  • Having access to deep levels of service and training

For nearly a decade, NewsCred has been working with marketers at various stages of their companies’ content marketing journeys. Learning from their experiences, we’ve developed actionable insights and best practices for content marketing, giving our customers the benefit of our shared experience.

Developing a Strategy with Measurable Goals and KPIs

Our most successful clients have a crisp narrative and messaging plan to which they align their content marketing tactics.

For example, we’re currently helping a global consulting firm refresh its content marketing program. Through working with NewsCred, the client identified its business goal as driving leads. We…