Kickstart Your Video Marketing Ideas

Kickstart Your Video Marketing Ideas

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How to develop a winning video strategy

The inbox is finally cleared, you have caught up on your must do admin and now it’s now time to consider how you intend to make real impact during 2016.

The use of Video Marketing is growing rapidly, with 52% of businesses rating video as the type of content with the best ROI; but with so many social media options, video platforms and formats, the decision about how to target potential customers, and with what messages, can be overwhelming.

So we’re taking it right back to the basics, with a simple focused approach which will help you develop content ideas, identify where to deploy content and devise a strategy for the customers your organisation targets. Our approach assumes that your long term aim is to attract the right new customers and then build loyalty, bringing them back to you time and again.

So your first question has to be, who are you talking to?

Build a profile of your target customer. Put yourself in their shoes and consider what type of messages they are most likely to engage with, or more accurately, respond positively to being interrupted with. Who is the ultimate decision maker, because your content can of course be shared inside a target organisation if it grabs attention? Do they know what you do? If you are a small business, then look bigger, if you are big then keep it personal, whatever you are,…