The Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Ad Marketing

The Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Ad Marketing

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The Comprehensive Guide to Social Media Ad Marketing

As per the latest research, social media ad spend overwhelmingly surpassed television by the end of 2016- a result that wasn’t predicted. Initially, it was estimated that TV would be on top until 2017 but surprisingly social channels overtook the tv numbers very early this year.

Additionally, it’s predicted that the amount of money spent on social media advertising is set to catch up with newspaper ad revenues by 2020.

While advertising has always worked for all types of businesses, more and more marketing professionals (especially small businesses, enterprises and SMB’s) are accepting the shift in advertising strategy.

Digital working and leisure have taken the world by storm and so have mobile phones. With mobility (provided by smartphones) and mobile app development, people are more connected on-the-go on digital platforms. It opens the door for marketers to share their brand story with millions and billions of people active on various social channels.

In fact, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn are effortless and straightforward. The only thing that they require is a strategic move, which includes the right timing, right targeting, right budget and the right content to connect with the audience and work for big numbers (shares, likes, followers, comments).

On the contrary, it may pose a challenge to many digital marketers as with plenty of channels, it becomes difficult to devise an action plan that hits a grand slam. Because each of the channels requires individual creative handling.

There is always that anxiety to get started. As you get on the advertising front, growing your follower audience is most important and for that, we’ve created an all-embracing guide to social media advertising that will definitely work for startups, businesses and small-medium enterprises.

Before we begin, let’s understand what is a social media ad. It is a paid (mostly) content on any social media channel that connects the masses via desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. A promotional tweet to Facebook post to influencer marketing on Instagram to a full-scale video on YouTube, the options can be many.

Facebook advertising

Depending on the ad objectives, you can use several different ad formats that Facebook offers. Advertising runs a gamut of choices- from very simple to a full-fledged campaign. We can’t get into each of the techniques but we can understand few of them.

If you really want to increase your traffic, remember that Facebook continues to be the most widely used social media platform across the globe.

Domain ad

For businesses that don’t have a dedicated Facebook page and don’t want to show their message as a news feed, choose the audience to reach directly to the website through a domain ad. A relevant title, a short description with website URL can be useful for lead generation.

Page Post Link

These are Newsfeed ads that feature a wide, eye-catching image to gain user’s attention. After posting the ad, you can easily test both the post text and link description. To boost engagement, remember to check comments and proactively reply to them.


Primarily for E-commerce advertisers, who are in the horde of promoting multiple products from their store through a single ad strip. Such ad types are available in news feed, similar to page post link. The difference lies in the number of links (up to 5) that can be featured at one time.


An intuitive and interesting way of showing your products on the full screen of a mobile device. It keeps the users on the Facebook interface (no external links) and allows them to scroll through a carousel of images, zoom in/zoom out, tilt them in different directions and so on.

Page like ads

A visible call-to-action for users to immediately like your page, it’s a go-to ad technique to increase your page likes. A crucial option for startups so should be supported by a high-quality image to achieve great performance. More importantly, the page like advertising demands a targeted audience, not the cheapest likes.


To build an offer advertisement, Facebook demands a minimum of 50 likes on your page. Provides a clear call-to-action if the offer is lucrative and allures the users.


To connect with the existing audience and create new customers, invite people to your upcoming events informing them about the venue, dates, time….