Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven

Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven

Author: Johanna Rivard / Source: Marketing Insider Group In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not knowing what your customers want.

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Why Your Marketing Needs to be Data-Driven

In this day and age, there’s no excuse for not knowing what your customers want. There are now a wide variety of tools that enable marketers to capture a range of data at particular stages in their marketing campaigns. Gone are the days of mass, untargeted broadcasting. The digital age has brought about widened reach, but pinpoint targeting accuracy.

Adweek created an infographic that clearly shows us how marketing evolved through time. In the 1960s, marketing was mostly used at a mass targeting level through direct mail and advertising. 20 years later, direct marketing was used along with computer processing to target specific segments of the population through direct mail and telemarketing. In 1995, email marketing began and flourished, and when Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, users became even more tightly connected to their mobile devices.

Fast forward to 2017, users are highly mobile and yet utterly dependent on their handheld gadgets to stay connected. Marketing today is driven by data-backed research and customer information that can be captured at every stage in the buying process. We don’t need to guess what people want; we just need to know where to look. The World Wide Web has indeed revolutionized the way we do marketing.

Marketing needs to be data-driven to be effective. If you know your target user’s behavior, goals, pain points, and challenges, you can develop marketing campaigns that cater to their specific needs. Data such as a user’s browsing patterns, social media activity, online purchase behavior, and other metrics can help you focus your marketing efforts on what works. So, collect as much information about your target market as much as you can. This data will be at the core of any successful marketing strategy.

Not convinced yet? Here are the top 5 reasons your marketing needs to be data-driven.

  1. Personalization

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